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Fence Connection, Inc has been committed and dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality residential and commercial fences in the business for over 30 years. Our loyalty to each customer is what drives us to constantly improve products and services, allowing us to maintain the status of being the #1 fencing contractor in Bartlett, IL. Our team is knowledgeable in every sector of the industry and always ready to assist clients in protecting their property with a high-quality fence.

Our services and products are vast, and we the entire team of experts are at your disposal to provide a solution for each of your unique needs. From choosing an outstanding residential or commercial fence that will complement your location, suit your needs, and stay within your budget to delivering repairs and replacements backed by years of experience, our company boasts a wide array of possibilities for your fences. Get in contact with our specialists today and discover the endless and affordable solutions at Fence Connection.


Our unparalleled standing in the community has been earned by assuring that each of our customers obtains the highest quality of product and the most gracious, skilled, and professional services available.


Each fence is constructed with the best materials that are both durable and aesthetically pleasing.


Each one of our team members in every department is committed to service. Each installation, repair, or replacement by our company is performed by courteous and professional craftsmen, ensuring that your fence will enhance your location in more ways than one.

The Best Residential Fencing in Bartlett, IL

Safety & Privacy with Our Expert Solutions

At Fence Connection, our crew provides you with the soundest solutions for your home and property. Our company creates, delivers, and installs a wide variety of fencing throughout Bartlett, IL, and the Chicagoland for design, security, privacy, and everything in between. The large selection of materials, designs, and style capabilities boasted make us the area’s favored choice for their homes. Our business provides free estimates on all projects. Whether you need simple repairs, materials, or a complete installation, we’re here for you for:

  • Fence Repairs – The fences provided are top of the line. However, no fence is invincible, especially when faced with the constant weather changes Illinois experiences every year. The moment you need fence repairs, our team has you covered. They will deliver quick and efficient repairs.
  • Fencing Installations – Our specialized team of licensed, bonded, and insured technicians operate around your schedule to install your fence fast and efficiently.
  • Fence Design and Planning – While many people believe installing a fence is a weekend “do it your own” project, they may not realize that it is a very technical procedure, and one wrong step will lead to costly and timely repairs. Our business helps design a fence that suits your needs and budget, including material, size, level of protection, style, and more.

Trusted Commercial Fences

At Fence Connection, our crew will provide you with specialty fences of all materials that accommodate your Bartlett, IL commercial property. Our seasoned team has been “Building the Best Fences” for decades, making us the most reliable source for all your needs. Our fences will not only give your business the adequate security it needs, but this security is backed by top-quality materials that are always guaranteed to endure even the toughest conditions. Small or big, Fence Connection will build you a commercial fence that benefits your property.

Marking your location is a crucial component of keeping the area secure for everyone who visits. A dependable fence is a backbone of completing any commercial property. Therefore, choosing the right company to buy and install your fence is an important decision. Our personal team ensures that you get exactly what you are looking for. What you are looking for, our business has it. Get the professional help you need today from the industry’s most experienced and trusted technicians.

The Benefits of Investing in A Professional Fence Company

Both commercial and residential property owners may view fencing as a simple and easy task to perform, but do you have the time and experience to do it? A dependable company to install, repair, or replace your fence is guaranteed to save you money and valuable time while helping avoid costly repairs and replacements in the future. There are an endless amount of reasons why hiring a business to handle your fencing needs is invaluable, including:

  • Privacy – Depending on your needs, the privacy of your employees, clientele, visitors, friends, or family is of the utmost importance. By investing in a fence that provides abundant privacy, you are conveying that you value the privacy and safety of those on your property. Privacy fencing choices also ensure appropriate access and traffic control. With the proper fencing, you can control who can go where on your property.
  • Security – While owning a business or property, you need to ensure everything and everyone inside is adequately guarded. Investing in a fence that provides ample protection is your best defense against trespassers and theft. Having a fence installed at your property allows you to take the necessary measures to prevent any outside sources from negatively impacting your location.
  • Curb Appeal – The moment you invest in fencing, you also ensure this investment is adding value to your space. It is best if you have a fence that is efficient while simultaneously stunning. At Fencing Connection, we help you find a fencing solution that works to complement your building or residence. Our company provides a plethora of options that will add curb appeal to your property.

Personal Fencing Repairs, Installations, and Replacements in Bartlett, IL

As a home or commercial property owner, there are an exhaustive amount of responsibilities to put valuable time and effort into. Worrying about the best fence may not be at the top of your priorities, but it needs to be. Both for aesthetic and security reasons, well-performing results are essential. While you may not have the resources to install, repair, or replace a fence, our company does. Investing in professionals is a decision that will last a lifetime.

Here at Fence Connection, our crew of personal technicians makes all of your fencing needs worry less, stress-free, and easy. Whether it be choosing your brand new fence, replacing the deteriorating one on your property, or simple repairs, our specialists are always available to provide a solution. Change the way you view your fencing needs with expert assistance and personal care; we are unmatched. Do you need any of what’s mentioned above, get the results and unparalleled assistance you deserve today.

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Transform the appearance and protection of your residential or commercial location with a team of specialists dedicated to performing incredible work at affordable prices. There is no doubt our team of specialists will deliver expert results. Get in touch with a technician today or visit our location to get personal care while picking out your new and improved fence.

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