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Fences are designed to only protect your property from outside threats like intruders, but they also enhance its aesthetic appeal tremendously. If you are in search of the ideal fence for your commercial or residential property, let Fence Connection provide you with expert assistance. Our company is a community-minded and focused business that has been in the industry since 1992. Therefore, whether you need fencing repairs, installations, or a replacement, allow us to be your first and only fencing choice in Antioch, IL.

Residential Fencing in Antioch, IL

Residential Fencing in Antioch, IL
With so many different fencing types to choose from, picking the right one that best suits your home’s needs and fits your budget isn’t always an easy task. However, it doesn’t have to be a daunting experience. Let one of our Antioch, IL, residential fencing specialists assist you with all of your fencing requirements. Our extensive experience is exactly what you need to select a fence that fits your unique needs, wants, and budget. Fences come in different materials, and depending on your price range and the aesthetics that you require, we can install a residential fence in Antioch, IL, that is right for you.

Residential fencing materials that we boast include:

  • Vinyl Fence: Vinyl fencing is exceptionally stable and requires little maintenance once installed. They are robust, painless to clean, and never rust.
  • Wood Fence: Wood fencing is standard among homeowners for its classic appeal and ability to be installed and designed in the best way to meet your requirements.
  • Chain Link Fence: This fencing option is one of the most affordable and durable options for both homes and commercial centers.
  • Aluminum Fence: Aluminum is one of the top fencing solutions as they are durable against the harsh weather conditions Antioch, IL, residents experience each year. Additionally, they come in a wide variety of colors, styles, and accessories.
  • Iron Fence: Iron fences can be used as a strong fencing solution for regular barrier fencing, and they can also be used for estate gates, automatically controlled entrance gates, security fences, or any other design that enhances your home.

Commercial Security and Privacy with Quality Fence Solutions in Antioch, IL

Businesses and commercial properties have different requirements. Therefore a company that only specializes in residential fencing is not a good option. At Fence connection, we have the knowledge, experience, trained and certified team, and advanced tools to provide local Antioch, IL, businesses with a commercial fence you can rely on. For businesses, fences tend to be more for functionality and security than aesthetic reasons. However, those who choose us to get a fence that is designed and built to last and looks incredible at the same time.

Therefore, whether you need a perimeter fence or one to protect a certain area on your property, our team can handle it. We have been working with Chicagoland businesses since 1991 to improve their commercial fencing and security. Check out our gallery for examples of our past projects, and get started on an estimate that fits your budget and needs.

Residential & Commercial Fence Repairs, Installations, and Replacements in Antioch, IL

Don’t Do it On Your Own: Trust the Professionals

Residential & Commercial Fence Repairs, Installations, and Replacements in Antioch, IL
Once you have your ideal commercial or residential fence picked out, you are going to need it expertly installed. While many property owners feel as though installing a fence is a DIY weekend project, we strongly advise against doing it if you are not an expert in the field. An improperly installed fence can lead to extensive damages and breached security on your property, leading to additional expenses. Get in touch with our installation crew, and they will come to your property to expertly install your new fence quickly and professionally.

Additionally, even though Fence Connection fencing solutions are built to last, they are constantly under stress throughout the year, so it is common for them to eventually need repairs and even complete replacements. If you notice that your commercial or residential fence in Antioch, IL, has seen better days, contact our team. They will come to your location, inspect the fence, and recommend the best option for you, whether it be a quick repair or an entire replacement.

Contact Fence Connection for the Most Trusted Fencing Needs in Antioch, IL

Fence Connection is one of the leading providers of fencing solutions in Chicagoland. You can see for yourself the many 5-star reviews our past residential and commercial clients have given us the confidence you need to pick up the phone and contact us. Therefore, when you are in the market for a new fence or need simple repairs, we will find a solution that fits your property’s unique needs and budget. Are you looking for the best fence in Antioch, IL? Then get in touch with us today for help from industry-leading specialists.

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