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Is Wrought Iron Fencing Right for Your Home?


Ornamental wrought iron fencing provides classic style and security while maintaining an open feel around a property. And with so many different styles available, including custom designs and patterns, it’s no wonder so many homes in the Chicagoland area are surrounded by wrought iron fencing. However, this type of residential fencing isn’t right for every home. To determine whether or not it’s right for you, read on to learn about the key characteristics, benefits, and drawbacks of wrought iron fencing.

If you are concerned about securing your property, seriously consider wrought iron . Wrought iron fencing is an incredibly effective security fencing material. Not only is wrought iron fencing impossible to tear down without heavy construction equipment, but it can be had with sharp cap posts to deter would-be intruders from scaling over.

While wrought iron fencing is an effective security fencing material, it doesn’t offer much in the way of privacy. Because wrought iron fencing typically has wide gaps that maintain an open feel around the home, people who pass by, including neighbors, can get a clear look at your front yard, backyard, and potentially even insider your home. For added privacy, homeowners elect to install wrought iron fencing in conjunction with masonry or brick pillars or plant tall bushes and vines around the fence. Your fence contractor will be able to discuss these and other additions to improve privacy.

Wrought iron fences are custom made by nature. The benefit here is that you can have a wrought iron fence made to perfectly match your home’s décor. The downside is that some custom-made wrought iron fences may be more expensive than other traditional fencing materials such as wood and vinyl. Contact a residential fence company in the Chicagoland area to get a quote on a new wrought iron fence and discuss your design options.


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