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Tips for Choosing Between Vinyl and Wood Fencing

Installing a fence around the perimeter of your yard is a great way to boost your home’s safety, curb appeal, and value. However, there are many different fencing materials available for you to choose from. Two of the most popular types of fencing are vinyl fencing and wood fencing. To get some tips for choosing between these two materials for your fence installation, check out the information below.

Weigh the Costs

If you’re like most homeowners, one of your top priorities for home improvement projects is sticking to your budget. When choosing between vinyl and wood fencing, it’s important to visit a store where you can see the different options available and evaluate their prices. In general, wood fencing is less expensive than most vinyl fencing options. However, many styles of vinyl fencing come with limited lifetime warranties, so vinyl may be a better long-term investment.

Evaluate Different Looks

Vinyl fences are available in a variety of neutral colors and attractive styles, but if you love the look of wood, nothing can quite match the real thing. Some types of wood fencing, including cedar, can even look better as they age. You can find wood fencing in a variety of styles, including picket, lattice, and stockade. When comparing the aesthetic appeal of wood and vinyl fencing, keep in mind that vinyl fencing is now available in a red cedar color that mimics the look of natural wood.

Consider Maintenance Needs

Vinyl and wood fencing have very different maintenance requirements. If you are set on getting a low-maintenance fence, vinyl is likely the best choice for you. Vinyl fencing does not need to be repainted or sealed, and can easily be washed with mild soap and water. Wood fencing, on the other hand, generally does require resealing or repainting every few years to maintain its original look—the exact frequency will depend on the type of wood and your local climate.

Fence Connection, Inc. offers beautiful fencing in a variety of materials, including vinyl and wood. We can install your new fence for you and provide repair or maintenance services as needed. If you would like to find out more about our products or services, contact us online or call (847) 388-0321 today.

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