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Tips for Maintaining Your Wood Fence

A wood fence is classic and adds instant charm to a beautiful home. However, if you have a wood fence or are considering installing one, keep in mind that it must be maintained routinely. Check out the information below to learn how to maintain your wood fence so that it looks attractive for years.

Ensure Proper Drainage

If your wood fence is constantly exposed to water, it will rot. Make sure that the fence posts are not flat, because this allows water to stand on the top of the fence. Instead, cut the fence posts at an angle or place a sloping cap on top of each one. Be sure that your sprinklers do not spray your fence, or the bottom of the boards will eventually rot. Furthermore, there needs to be adequate drainage next to your wood fence so that water cannot collect and form a pool there.

Stain the Fence

Apply staining products to your wood fence at least once per year to extend its lifespan and keep it looking great. You can buy an eco-friendly staining solution at a hardware store and apply it yourself, or hire a fence company to do a professional staining service.

Clean Regularly

Be sure to rake up any leaves and debris that collect near the wood fence, as they can cause the wood to rot. Trim any bushes, vines, and trees near the fence to keep them from growing into and damaging the wood. Use a broom to brush off dirt and cobwebs every week, and rinse the fence with water afterwards.

Hire a Fence Repair Specialist

If you start to notice broken boards or nails that need replacing on your wood fence, call a fence specialist to repair it. A professional will have the appropriate knowledge and tools to repair your fence correctly and keep it looking beautiful. Regular repairs can save you the money of having to tear up a dilapidated wood fence in a few years and installing a new one in its place.

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