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Important Factors to Consider When Building a Fence

As with any new addition to your property, a new fence requires a great deal of thought and research. There are many different kinds of fence you can install—before you start building, it’s important that you touch base with professional fence installers. Here are a few other factors you should consider to make sure you’re happy with your fence for years to come:

Fence Purpose

The first question to ask yourself is, “Why do I want to build a fence?” If you want to create a little more privacy in your yard, consider a six-foot fence with broad vertical boards. If security is your chief concern, consider aluminum or wrought iron fences with pointed tips. Or, you might want a fence that simply looks nice on your property, in which case a shorter, modest fence might be more your speed.

Your Neighbors

If your fence is to be installed on your property boundary, it’s only right to consider your neighbor. At the very least, you should review your deed or check with your local assessor’s office to make sure you know exactly where your property ends and your neighbor’s begins. If you accidentally install your fence on your neighbor’s property, you could be in for a nasty legal battle.

Chicago Weather

It’s no good installing a fence if it’s going to collapse in a couple years. To avoid disappointment and frustration down the road, install a fence that can stand up to Chicago-area winters. Aluminum and PVC fences, for example, are great at enduring years of rain, snow, and wind. You could still go with a wood fence if you wish—just keep in mind that you may have to work a bit harder to maintain it.

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