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How to Select a Wood Fence that Is Right for Your Home

Though artificial fences have their charms, many homeowners can’t resist the natural beauty of wood fences. Once you decide to go with a wood fence, you’ll then have to decide which kind of wood fence to build. Do you want the privacy offered by a tall, cedar fence, or would you prefer the quaintness of a picket fence? Read this brief guide for help choosing your wood fence:

Consider Your Property

Above all else, your wood fence should be a cohesive part of your property. Exactly how you pull this off is entirely up to you. You could paint your fence the same color as your siding to create a uniform look, or you could choose a cedar fence that blends in with the trees on your property. You could also select a type of wood fence that complements the architecture of your home or allows guests to see into your garden.

Determine Its Function

It’s also important to decide exactly what you want from your new wood fence . Most homeowners install fences to increase their level of privacy, keep their pets from escaping their property, or to make their home more aesthetically pleasing. If privacy is most important to you, choose a tall fence; if you want your fence to complement your property, consider a shorter option.

Weigh Maintenance Needs

Before you install a wood fence, it’s important that you know what you’re getting into. Many homeowners paint their pine fences upon installation, and need to repaint them once every two years or so. Cedar or redwood fences, on the other hand, look beautiful in their natural state. In terms of maintenance, they only require staining once every five years.

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