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Choosing a Fence that Suits Your Yard

The possibilities can seem endless when choosing the right type of fence to install in your yard. Considering the functions you want your fence to perform and the style of your home, yard, and neighborhood can help you make the right choice.

Determine Function First

The most important factor that will determine the fence you choose is its function. Fences can be solely decorative, provide privacy, or enclose pets and children for safety. Decorative fences are often made from wood, vinyl, or wrought iron. These options stand at a lower height and with greater width between posts than a fence meant to enclose or provide privacy. Wood and vinyl are excellent choices for a privacy fence, which are taller with posts that stand immediately adjacent. Chain link provides an enclosure for your space without restricting the surrounding view.

Consider Your Neighbors

Although your fence is your property, remember that your neighbors will be affected by it as well. Check any local zoning or neighborhood regulations, which may limit the height or style of your fence. If you are friendly with your neighbors, it can help to let them know you plan to install a fence. While the choice is ultimately yours, your neighbors will appreciate the forewarning.

Remember Maintenance

Once your fence has been installed, it will require regular maintenance to look its best. The amount of maintenance you want to perform can influence your choice of fencing material. Wrought iron and vinyl are easy to clean and require little maintenance. Wood will require repainting or re-staining every one to two years, and mold and moisture can be a concern. Talk to a fencing expert to learn more about the maintenance required for each fencing material you’re considering.

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