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A Look at Common Fence-Building Mistakes

A fence provides privacy, style, and creates an enclosure for your yard. Building a fence that will last requires the right materials, installation process, and maintenance. Check out these common mistakes to avoid when installing your fence to avoid stress and trouble in the future.

Ignoring Zoning Laws

Many cities and townships have zoning laws in place that restrict the height or style of fences. Additionally, your neighborhood may have further rules, particularly if you are part of a homeowner’s association. It’s essential to check with your city and your neighborhood first; putting up a fence that does not comply with restrictions will only mean you must tear it down or modify it later.

Choosing the Wrong Material

Using the wrong material to build your fence means it won’t serve the purpose you want. Chain link is great for enclosures, but provides little privacy. Wood fencing is a handsome choice, but requires regular maintenance to look its best. If you have a specific purpose in mind for your fence, such as providing privacy or keeping pets enclosed, make sure that the materials and the style of fencing you choose is right for the job.

Improper Use of Gates

Fence gates are an excellent way to create access points where you need them. However, it’s important to consider where you will place a gate and how large it will be before installing your fence. Gates that open onto driveways, roads, or pool areas should provide sufficient room for the gate to open into the space to prevent damage or accidental injury. If your gate needs to keep children or pets contained, the latch must be placed high enough that it cannot be accessed except by adults.

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