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Surprising Facts About Cedar

Did you know that cedar trees can grow to over 130 feet fall? These coniferous trees are native to mountainous regions in the western Himalayas and Mediterranean, and their wood is regularly used for closets, cabinets, fences, and siding. There are five different kinds of cedar: deodar, Lebanon cedar, Turkish cedar, Cyprus cedar, and Atlas cedar. All cedar trees have scented wood with thick, cracked bark, and their unique smell actually makes cedar wood a natural ideal moth repellent.

Cedar is durable, attractive, and affordable, making this wood the perfect choice of material for fences in all climates. If you are considering cedar for your fence, call your trusted Chicagoland fence company: Fence Connection, Inc. Our experienced installation and repair teams can help you hand-pick and install the wood that best suits the needs of your home’s fence. Call us today at (847) 388-0321 or visit us on the Web for more information about our services.

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