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Factors to Consider Before Building a Fence

A new fence can make your yard look fantastic and add value to your home. Before you go out and buy a new fence, however, you should carefully think about which type of fence will work best for you, among other considerations. Here are a few of the factors that you need to keep in mind when you decide to build a new fence.


When fence shopping, a major element to consider is what fence will be right for your needs. If you would like a fence that offers more privacy, a wooden privacy fence that is six or eight feet tall will meet your needs perfectly. However, if you simply want to establish a property line around your house, a picket or chain-link fence will be more than adequate.


Before building a fence, you also have to think about which fencing material to use. Cedar and redwood fences are popular because they look great and are resistant to termites and rain. Metal fences, especially those made from aluminum, are also widely used since they are long-lasting and easy to take care of. Determine which material suits you best and then factor that in as you continue to shop for fences.

Neighbor’s Opinion

An important element to keep in mind before getting a new fence is your neighbor’s opinion. Ask them what they think about your fencing selection and see if they have any input. More often than not, if you inform your neighbor as to what your plans are, they will help you out with the fencing material and installation costs.

Community Guidelines

One crucial factor to consider before putting up a brand-new fence is what the community guidelines are in your area. Your homeowner’s association might have rules pertaining to fencing materials and height, among other specifications. By following these guidelines from the start, you’ll avoid having to make major changes in the future.

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