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Exploring the Natural Properties of Cedar Wood

For centuries, Native Americans prized cedar wood for its long-lasting durability and natural aesthetic beauty. With its straight grain, uniform texture, and relatively light weight, cedar is regularly incorporated into everything from home siding to structural decking to sturdy fences. Find out why cedar is relied on by fence companies everywhere by reviewing the unique properties of this remarkable wood.

Decay Resistant

Cedar wood fences naturally resist decay, rot, and damage from insects due to special properties in the wood itself. Western Red Cedar actually contains elements that are toxic to certain fungi and make the wood water soluble. Other natural-occurring substances in the cedar tree repel moths, termites, carpenter ants and bees, and beetles. These pesky insects can inflict serious damage on other wood fences, but most pests simply don’t enjoy the taste of cedar and prefer to eat elsewhere. The oil in cedar wood even kills termites.

Highly Durable

The less dense a wood is, the less it will shrink and swell in response to environmental changes in moisture. Because cedar wood has an extremely low density, cedar fences remain stable even in climates that experience a great deal of rain or snow. The wood is naturally long-lasting. When properly finished and maintained, cedar fences can deliver decades of low-maintenance service.

Extremely Versatile

If you are considering cedar for your siding, fence, or furniture, there are few more versatile woods to choose from. Western Red Cedar lumber offers a ride range of grades, finishes, thicknesses, and length. For example, cedar wood is available in both clear or knotty grades with combed, rough, or smooth finishes. You can also select from kiln dried, unseasoned, and flat or vertical grains.

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