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Choosing a Vinyl Fence That Meets Your Needs

Once you’ve decided that it’s time to install a vinyl fence around your home or yard, the next big step to take is to determine what style of fencing you require. There are three major types of vinyl fences that differ based on the specific purpose that they serve. The first, a solid privacy security fence, is often right around six feet or taller and contains narrow slats. Semi-private decorative fences offer some element of security and privacy but have wider spacing between beams to show off landscaping. Short picket fences that are low to the ground serve to safely contain pets and children inside the property.

After choosing the type of vinyl fence that best suits your home, you can personalize it further by choosing amongst different color and style options. To learn more about picking out a vinyl fence that meets your needs, take a look at this helpful video.

The helpful professionals here at Fence Connection, Inc. can assist you with the task of narrowing down your vinyl fencing options. To learn more about the various fence styles and materials that we offer, call (847) 388-0321 or visit us online.

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