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Three Benefits of Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl is a popular choice for fence installations all over the country. Fence companies love it, homeowners love it, and even prospective homebuyers love it. Vinyl fencing brings with it huge benefits over other types of fencing. Here are three of them:

Easy Maintenance

In order to get a specific color for most other types of fencing, you have to paint it. This means that you’ll need to refresh the fence periodically as the paint chips and wears away due to age and exposure to the elements. Vinyl, on the other hand, is available in virtually any color you could want, and its color doesn’t chip off. Moreover, keeping your vinyl fence looking new is as simple as giving it a good hose-down once or twice a year—no sanding, pressure washing, or painting required!


Most people don’t want to have to repeat a fence installation every few years, nor can they afford to. Vinyl is slightly more expensive than wood or other fencing materials up front, but it pays for itself over time and may last as long as 50 years. You won’t have as much need for fence repair with vinyl as you would with wood. Also, because of its ease of maintenance and durability, a vinyl fence can be enjoyed for as long as you live in the house and will attract potential homebuyers when you wish to sell.

Unbeatable Looks

Vinyl fencing can be textured to replicate the appearance of wood, or it can be slick and smooth for a perfectly clean and contemporary look. You can find vinyl fencing in a multitude of styles, from picket fencing to highly ornamental options. Few other options can give you so much flexibility with your fence installation. Don’t forget about the endless color options either!

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