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A Guide to the Various Uses and Benefits of Chain-Link Fences

Chain-link fencing is a durable, economical, and functional option for your home or business. This type of fence features woven strands of lightweight yet durable galvanized or coated steel in a diamond pattern that allows for both security and visibility. Chain-link fences are used in a variety of settings to suit many different residential and commercial needs.

Residential Uses and Benefits

Chain-link fences may be used to enclose your entire yard or to close off small portions of it. Its distinct open-style weave allows you to easily see what is going on behind the fence while providing a sturdy barrier for pets or children. Chain-link fences are often used in residential yards as pool barriers and dog runs. If you prefer more privacy, opaque slats can be woven through the diamond pattern.

Commercial Uses and Benefits

Commercial businesses and industrial areas frequently make use of chain-link fencing to enclose property or hazardous areas such as generators and forced air units. Chain-link fencing is a lightweight, economical option that can provide a secure border for large spaces at less cost than other types of fencing. Gates and locks can be installed and removed with ease to provide or alter points of access.

Recreational Uses and Benefits

Chain-link fencing is a popular choice for parks and recreational areas, particularly baseball fields. Spectators can safely watch the game through the fencing without worrying about stray balls or equipment. Chain-link fences are also used to economically enclose park spaces without interfering with the landscape. Options such as vinyl color-coating allow fencing to blend into greenery while still providing a much-needed barrier.

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