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Exploring Advanced Fence Materials

Today, fence companies have several unique materials available that are low-maintenance, beautiful in appearance, and simple to install. You can add curb appeal to your home by choosing a new fence made out of one of these modern materials. Explore your options below to determine which one is perfect for your needs:

Composite Fencing

If you want the look of wood fencing but are worried about its maintenance requirements or issues like rot and pests, consider composite fencing. Made from wood materials and durable plastics, this fencing material is more weather-resistant than natural wood but offers the same beautiful appearance to add instant character to your home. Composite fences can offer the same appearance as cedar, redwood, or pine. Available in a wide variety of configurations, composite fencing provides the beauty and versatility of wood without the maintenance concerns.

Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl is another popular choice in modern fencing materials. Vinyl fences are impervious to moisture, rot, and pests and come in multiple color choices to enhance any property. As one of the lowest-maintenance fence materials available, it can be the perfect choice for the busy homeowner. Vinyl fencing can increase security and privacy or just enhance the appearance of your home. It can be customized with different panel patterns, cap styles, and more.

Aluminum Fencing

Metal fencing has a certain element of elegance to it, but traditional wrought iron does require regular maintenance. Aluminum is a practical alternative that is both strong and lightweight, but requires far less maintenance. It is highly corrosion-resistant and doesn’t need to be repainted for protection from moisture like wrought iron does. Whether you choose a classic or modern style, aluminum fencing can add instant value to your home.

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