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Common DIY Fence Installation Mistakes

Fence installations should be left to the professionals for several reasons. They’re not easy and require experience, training, and tools that are not available to the average homeowner. To learn about a few common DIY fence installation mistakes, read below.

Post Setting Failures
Many people attempt to install fence posts without first properly setting them in a concrete base. Some use sand or gravel to secure a post, which can cause leaning and collapse later on in the life of the fence. Those homeowners who do use concrete often lack the proper mixing tools and try to mix the concrete in each post-hole itself. This can result in uneven setting and a faulty base for each post.

Lack of Compensation for Lot Grading
One of the most challenging aspects of installing a fence is following the grade of your home’s lot. Even subtle changes need to be accounted for. If you do not compensate for grading, you can end up with a fence that is not level, looks awkward, or is not structurally sound. A professional fence company will measure the area and perform the installation with corrections that let the fence fit seamlessly into your property.

Installation over Property Lines
Another common issue with DIY fence installation involves property lines. Without having a survey performed first, it’s easy to undercut your own property or accidentally build on your neighbor’s land. This can result in disputes that lead to expensive removal and re-installation.

Unintentional Code Violations
You must check your homeowners’ association guidelines and local zoning codes before any new fence installation. You’ll need to make sure that you remain compliant with building codes and the requirements of your HOA to avoid issues. However, if you work with an experienced fence company that serves your local community, the entire installation process can be streamlined.

Fence Connection, Inc. can ensure that you avoid all of the above problems with our professional fence installation services. Let us help you select the perfect fencing material and then complete the entire installation process so you can enjoy the finished product. Contact us online or at (847) 388-0321 today to find out more.

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