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Common Sources of Wear and Tear on Fences

Regardless of what a fence is composed of—vinyl, wood, composite, aluminum, wrought iron, or another material—it will be subject to wear and tear. If your commercial or residential fence has endured significant damage over the years, contact the fence repair experts at Fence Connection, Inc. today. Read on to learn about some of the common sources of wear and tear on fences and how you can protect your property:

• Sunlight: Over the course of years, sunlight can weaken wood fences, cause paint and stains to fade, and even crack or flake the finish of your fence. In order to protect your fence from the sun, brush your fence with an effective UV blocker.

• Rain: When the sky opens up and rain, snow, or sleet begins to fall, your wood fence may become susceptible to fungal rot. Anytime your fence absorbs large amounts of water, it becomes a breeding ground for fungus. Fungal rot is capable of eating away at the very structure of your fence, leaving it weak and susceptible to collapse. For a new fence, you may consider wood that has been treated with a fungicide and insecticide.

• Wind: Strong winds are capable of knocking down virtually any man-made structure, including fences. More commonly, winds will batter your fence with dust, debris, and other particulates. Depending upon the strength of winds and what matter it picks up along the way, your fence may incur severe damage.

• Mold: In order for mold to grow, a source of moisture and nutrients must be present. Because your wood fence is exposed to rain, humidity, and other elements, it can be the ideal place for mold to grow. Reduce the likelihood of mold growth on your fence by applying a sealant to keep moisture at bay.

Fence Connection, Inc. will repair your fence if it endures damage from any source. Serving Chicagoland for 20 years, we are happy to fix your home’s or business’ fence. Call us at (847) 388-0321 today to speak with one of our friendly staff members.

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