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Composite vs. Vinyl Fences: A Basic Guide

Metal and wood aren’t the only fencing materials available today. Composite and vinyl fencing are also available and offer many benefits to homeowners. Use this overview of these fencing materials to decide which option is right for your home. The right choice can help cut home improvement costs by hundreds of dollars.

  • Composite Advantages: Composite fencing offers the perfect balance between real wood fibers and plastic support. The wood fibers give composite materials their attractive looks, while the plastic components add to the material’s overall durability. Composite fences are known for their low maintenance needs and high resistance to rot. Finally, composite fencing is ideal if sustainability is your goal. Most composite fences are made from recyclable materials and can be purchased with a 20+ year warranty.
  • Vinyl Benefits: Long-lasting vinyl materials require even less maintenance than composite materials. Vinyl fences can be cleaned with ease—a simple rinse down with soap and water will eliminate any accumulated debris. Vinyl fences are also immune to many of the problems associated with wood fences. It’s impossible for vinyl fences to rot, attract bugs, or experience contractions due to moisture. As a result, vinyl fences perform consistently year round.
  • Selection Tips : The choice between composite and vinyl fencing depends on your family’s needs. Vinyl is a great choice for homeowners looking to minimize their fence maintenance, eliminate the need to paint, and end outdoor bug troubles. On the other hand, you’ll prefer composite materials if you’re looking for a wider range of decorative options or an extended warranty.

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