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Is an Aluminum Fence Right for Your Yard?

When it comes to fencing your home, you likely want an option that is both secure and attractive. You may have considered traditional wood, composite vinyl, and metal like wrought iron. However, aluminum fencing may be the answer if you need a fence that is low-maintenance and that can protect you and your family. Read on to learn about the advantages of aluminum fencing, which can help you decide if it is the appropriate fence option for your home.

  • Aluminum fencing will not corrode. Unlike wrought iron, aluminum fencing is naturally resistant to corrosion and never needs to be painted. It can be powder coated or painted to your chosen color, but it will not need to be protected against corrosion in the way that wrought iron would be. Aluminum fencing can provide the same elegant appearance as wrought iron without the maintenance costs.
  • Aluminum fencing is durable. A durable fence is ideal if you have children or boisterous pets that are likely to play rough in your backyard. Aluminum fencing can stand up to playtime while providing a safe boundary for children or pets to keep them secure in your yard.
  • Aluminum fencing is secure. Available in many of the same styles as traditional wrought iron fencing, aluminum fencing is a strong deterrent to trespassers. Properly installed, it is not an easily climbable surface and will not succumb to cutting or other attempts at intrusion.

If you appreciate the look of wrought iron and like the strength and durability of metal, then aluminum fencing is the perfect option for your yard! However, a beautiful wood fence or composite option might also fit your needs. Fence Connection, Inc. can help you determine if an aluminum fence installation or other fencing option is the right choice for your home. Visit us online, or give us a call at (847) 388-0321 to learn more about the range of fencing options we offer.

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