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Signs Your Old Fence is Ready for Replacement

Your fence may need to be replaced if insects, old age, or the forces of nature have compromised its integrity. Entire sections of a decrepit fence could collapse at any moment, potentially damaging a nearby garden, automobile, or window. To find out if you should install a new fence, look for the following signs:

Termite Damage

If termites have started consuming your wooden fence, consider replacing it with wrought iron, aluminum, or another non-wood material. Termites tend to eat away at the base of a fence, gradually compromising its structural integrity. If the infestation advances enough, your fence could collapse.

Warped or Bent Sections

Weather, moisture, and time can all warp a wooden fence. If your fence is badly warped, it could be because an effective water-resistant finish was never applied to it. Fences can also warp as a result of poor craftsmanship or installation—when the weight of a fence isn’t distributed equally, pressure falls unevenly on different areas, eventually causing them to bend.

Rotting Boards

Actively rotting fences may not be noticeable until the boards of the fence start caving in—but you can be fairly certain that your fence is rotting if you frequently have to re-secure boards that have fallen from your fence’s frame. Rotting fences can also be dangerous to pets and may collapse during severe weather. Eventually, a fence that is weakened enough by rot can no longer support the weight of a cat, much less hold up against the forces of a violent windstorm.

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